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Summer Xia

Summer XIA

2022 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist

Identifying as a first generation Chiwi,  Summer didn't know she was funny until she won the “highly commended” a.k.a. the 3rd place, at the Raw Comedy Quest 2022.  Yes, ranking and numbers are very important to her, obviously.

Not the A+ her tiger mum wants but she is stoked to bring her unique funny self to the stage of New Zealand Aotearoa comedy. She is also a proud mother of two cats. One of her biggest achievements in life. 

Find her on:

INS @chiwisis_summerxia 

TikTok @chiwi_siscomedy 


Highly commended (3rd place) & Finalist - 2022 Raw Comedy Quest

Nominee -  Best Newcomer - NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2022

Nominee  - Best Joke - NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2023