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Eddy BRIMSON (England)

He's a geezer alright and a bloody funny one at that

Eddy Brimson is one of the UK circuits most in demand headline acts working regularly with all the leading promoters.

Eddy is equally in demand worldwide.
He played the first ever Altitude Festival in the French Alps in 2008 and the Sydney Cracker Festival in Australia.
Eddy has also taken his comedy to such far flung places as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.
He once even played a gig naked.

Eddy has been to the NZ International Comedy Festival back in 2010 and returns this year with fellow comic Rich Wilson in their duo show, London Calling.

Initially a sports writer, Eddy Brimson has seven books to his name, plus a documentary Tear Gas & Tantrums about English football fans attending the World Cup in France, which became a video bestseller.

He has also appeared in a number of TV shows as an actor, including EastEnders, where he played the villain who turned over Frank Butcher's car lot.

Outside of performing, he has also invented a board game, Initial Subject, is a qualified hypnotherapist and was press officer for the national anti-foxhunting campaign.



If there is a school of comedy in the British Isles then Eddy would be top of the class”  Sydney Morning Herald


Follow Eddy on Twitter: @EddyBrimson