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As seen on TV3's 'Funny Roots' and '7 DAYS'

7 Days regular and star of “What We Do In The Shadows”, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer has
been performing his unique brand of self-deprecating, observational and deadpan
comedy since 2003.

In that time he's won the Billy T James Award, appeared on film and
television, and performed in Australia, America, England, Scotland, Singapore and as far
as the Middle East and South America.

Since becoming a father recently, Cori's truly happy for the first time ever, but that
doesn't mean he’s stopped disliking a lot of stuff. From NZ ‘Socialites’, to people who
post inspirational quotes, to reality TV "stars", there's a lot of annoying people on this
earth. Join him as he dissects the people he desperately hopes his daughter doesn't turn

Whether it's on the stage or screen, Cori's reluctance to accept a career in entertainment
is what has made him the performer he is today.


"… keep an eye out for future works by the man with exponential potential, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer." - Concrete Playground

"Quite possibly the only show I'd return to for seconds" - Mac + Mae

"While his cynicism might make you think he is making lemons out of lemonade he does
it in such a cool manner, standing alone with his mike, his great eyebrows adding
emphasis, that you know he's speaking truths we all feel “Awesome? Nah, Bro” is
comedy fest at its best. Get in before the tickets dry up." - Theatreview


Film Credits:
2014 What We Do In The Shadows as 'Nick' directed by Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement
2007 Eagle VS Shark as 'Mark' by Sad Animals Ltd and directed by Taika Waititi

Television Appearances:
7 Days, 'Panelist'
Comedy Gala
A Night at the Classic, 'The Barfly' (recurring)
Funny Roots, 'Himself' (comedian)
Best of the Billys, 'Himself' (comedian)
Jono's New Show, 'Reporter / Writer


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Video 1: Cori featured on TV3's "Funny Roots"
Video 2: Cori performing on AotearoHA 2009


Follow Cori on Twitter: @corigm

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2008 Best Entertainment Show for 'Jono's New Show' - Qantas NZ Film & TV Awards
2006 Billy T Award Winner - NZ International Comedy Festival