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Molly Sokhom


A fresh face on the local Pro scene originally from the USA and now resident in Wellington

Molly Sokhom started performing comedy in 2008 in California and has performed at the famous Punchline in San Francisco as well as other renowned comedy clubs. She has also produced comedy shows in theatres, clubs, and coffee houses. Molly moved to Wellington in 2014, and has made a name for herself as a trusted performer and MC. She commands the stage: affably and sassily navigating her way through life’s awkward moments. She is currently conquering and enacting more highjinx and tomfoolery on stages around New Zealand.

“Sokhom emanates this incredibly lovable quality that had the audience stuck to her words like gum on a moonboot. Sokhom is just so much fun to watch, she has a particular luminescent quality that bubbles out of her that you can’t help but be struck by.” - Art Murmurs