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Audrey PORNE

Exciting fresh face on the rise from the Christchurch comedy scene

Audrey dropped out of school to become a fortune teller, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn't work out. After years of mundane jobs and not getting enough attention, she decided to give comedy a hoon. And it's going pretty well!  

Audrey's absurdist dark humour, unhinged silliness and quick style has helped her to become an unforgettable name in the NZ comedy industry (her ridiculous surname is also partially to blame). In 2019 Audrey won South Island Breakthrough Comedian at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards and was nominated again in 2020.

Audrey's tweets have been featured on BuzzFeed, Funny Or Die, M2woman, Huffington Post and various Invercargill toilet stalls.  

Follow Audrey on Twitter: @ AudreyPorne 

Unlike anyone else. A truly original comic voice” - Ben Hurley