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Jack Ansett 2018


A fresh face out of Christchurch and 2015 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist.

Jack performs with that youthful enthusiasm we all pretend to love but secretly despise. 
At the age of 16 he was a 2015 Raw Quest Finalist. Apart from NCEA Level One, that is his greatest achievement to date. 

With a level of self awareness rarely found in any performer Jack is an act who will genuinely surprise you, Jack is not a performer you should overlook.

"Surprised me ... younger than I thought he was." - Ben Hurley

"He has a natural, comfortable presence on stage like he just belongs there. His humour is a breath of fresh air.” - Art Murmurs

“Jack must not allow his enthusiasm and sense of humour to interrupt the learning of others.” - Burnside High School


10:00 p.m. at The Classic

Adult $15 / Group of 10 or more $12 / R18 / Door sales from 7pm

7:50 p.m. at The Classic

Adult $20 / Groups of 10 or more $16 / Students 2 for 1 (with ID) / R18