Ruby ESTHER - comedian

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Keegan Govind

2017 Raw Comedy Quest finalist looking to go next level in 2018

To whom it may concern...

I was born at a simpler time in a land far, far away. Every teacher I ever had said I need to stop disrupting the class and every class mate I had said "keep telling jokes, this teacher sucks"

I did well in school until it mattered. I now work for my dad. But he lets me listen to podcasts all day which made me realise my obsession with the art of being funny. Naturally, this lead me to stand up comedy in 2016.

A classic old fashioned joke slinger fascinated with the craft of stand up and obsessed with writing and performing it.

Funny, socially relevant, inquisitive, intense and a bit reckless.

From his personal life to bunk beds, nothing is off limits.

When not doing comedy he is at the gym, doing yoga and hating himself.

2017 Raw Quest finalist and product of NZ comedy scene.

"Great stage presence, original and very funny. For me, one of the most improved comics in NZ." - Brendhan Lovegrove.

"Taking risks and pushing boundaries with very good audience rapport and one to check out before he blows up." -