Natalie SAMY - comedian

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The original 'WeetBix Kid' - a rising star on the local Pro scene.

Tony delivers an engaging and unpredictable style of comedy that "digresses into any avenue but the one you’d expect".

A confident slacker with an endearing nature, he takes the audience on a trip, even if he isn’t entirely sure where they will end up.

 Having recently featured in 2016 Next Big Things with Ben Hurley and in his own 2016 New Zealand International Comedy Festival show 'Comedians For Hire', Tony is definitely one to keep an eye on.

 "Self-deprecating and able to steer the show mercilessly toward the vibe of the audience, these two misplaced gems are ones to keep an eye on"  - KeepingupwithNZ

 "Shaggy around the edges... there is some truly great material here" - Theatrescenes

 "Unfaltering and contagious energy throughout" - The Speakeasy

 "Hecklers beware – thou shalt be burned" - KeepingupwithNZ



7:20 p.m. at The Classic

Adult $30 / Groups of 10 or more $25 / (R18) / Book on Eventfinda