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Barnie Duncan


Multi-award winning NZ comedian back from overseas.

Barnie has recently returned to Auckland after a stint living in Melbourne for six years, where he was a mainstay on the comedy circuit. He has been making funny stuff since 2003 when he formed a company with his best friend (and legendary mime) Trygve Wakenshaw. Barnie has a vast repertoire of comedic skills, at times using turntables for DJ-based comedy (a unique sub-genre he invented), using his body for physical comedy, not using words for mime comedy, writing surreal plays for theatrical comedy, or just standing still and telling jokes for stand-up comedy. More than anything he likes to be playful, which often results in very unpredictable sets.


He has won a bunch of awards and has been nominated for some too:


NOMINATED - Fred Award, NZ International Comedy Fest, 2019

WINNER - Best Comedy, Adelaide Fringe, 2018

WINNER- Anywhere Theatre Award, Brisbane, 2017

NOMINATED - Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Fest, 2015

INCLUDED - Pantograph Punch’s Top Ten plays of 2014

WINNER - Fringe Genius Award for Most Original Production, Edinburgh Fringe, 2014

NOMINATED - Best Newcomer, NZ International Comedy Fest, 2015

WINNER - Fringe Award, Auckland Fringe, 2013

WINNER - Hackman Theatre Award for Most Original Production, Auckland, 2012

WINNER - Stamp Award, Auckland Fringe, 2011

WINNER - Best Outdoor, Wellington Fringe, 2006

WINNER - Best Comedy, Wellington Fringe, 2004