Clayton CARRICK-LESLIE - comedian

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2019 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist is breaking in to the big league with a new show in the 2020 NZ Intl Comedy Fest

If you ask him how long he's been performing comedy, he'll tell you "Well I’ve actually been funny all my life."

His Aunty said to him "You're funny alright boy. Just try not to be funny at a tangi. People are trying to grieve"

With a dollop of 'born and bred South Auckland' styles.

Add in a sprinkle of life in the fast lane with his very large whanau and their antics.

Take a pinch of "what the f**k?" and wrap it all up in a person of colour (that colour being Maori), well you get a very  comedic perspective of his world.

Cometh the comic, cometh the laughter

(Heta made this up and wanted this included as it sounds cool and for copyright reasons that only he is privy to)

Finalist - 2019 Classic Raw Comedy Quest

Comic in the ‘My Country’ show (with fellow funny fellas, Corin Healy, Ed Amon) - 2019 International Comedy Festival