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Slick as hell, a true professional

Born in Canada, raised in the UK and residing in New Zealand, Jeremy Elwood has been performing for more than 15 years. Elwood continues to observe, question and dissect our society, and turn what he finds into comedy gold.

Jeremy Elwood has headlined comedy clubs across New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, American and his native Canada, as well as appearing regularly on NZ Television and Radio. A regular panelist on both TV3's "7Days" and Radio New Zealand's "The Panel" he is well known for serving up hilarious stand up infused with intelligence and thought.

Having won the New Zealand Comedy Guild's 'Best Male Comedian' and 'Best MC' several years, Jeremy has proven himself to be one of the most in demand and consistent comedians in the country.


Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @JeremyElwood

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2008 Gag of the Year - NZ Comedy Guild Awards

2007 Best MC - NZ Comedy Guild Awards

2006 Gag of the Year - NZ Comedy Guild Awards               

2005 Best MC - NZ Comedy Guild Awards

2002 Best Male Comedian - NZ Comedy Guild Awards

2002 Best MC - NZ Comedy Guild Awards

2001 Billy T Award Nominee  - NZ International Comedy Festival

2001 Best MC - NZ Comedy Guild Awards