Te RADAR - comedian




Sunday 19th May 2024

6:00 p.m. at The Churchill

Tickets $100 (Includes Complimentary Cocktail on arrival)


Is your favourite book worth fighting for?

Find out at El Jaguar's Book (Fight) Club. Arguably the most insane premise for an hour of live comedy that you will love being part of. Can AA Milne defeat George Orwell? You have to be there to find out. Let battle commence.

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The CLASSIC Pick of the Fest in 2024

Welcome to the Classic Pick of the 2024 NZ International Comedy Festival wIth Best Foods Mayo - Thu 2 to Sat 25 May ...(Scroll down to see ALL our shows)

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WEEK THREE - 'The Final Week' - Tues 21 to Sat 25 May

In the Main Venue...

TE RADAR : RETROSPECTACLE (7pm / Tue 21 to Sat 25 May) - 5 different shows over 5 nights.

THE CLASSIC COMEDY ALLSTARS Festival Edition (8:30pm / Tues to Sat)

The CLASSIC L8 & LIVE SHOW  Festival Edition (10:30pm / Fri & Sat 24/25 May)

In The Classic Studio / 1st floor ...

EL JAGUAR'S BOOK (FIGHT) CLUB (6pm / Tue 21 to Sat 25 May)

HANNAH CAMPBELL (Scotland) in 'Mirrorball' (7:20pm / Tue 21 to Sat 25 May)

TONY LYALL (NZ) in 'Lower The Tone' (8:40pm / Tue 21 to Sat 25 May)

THE DICE SHOW (NZ) (10pm / Thu 23 to Sat 25 May)

At the end of the day every Friday & Saturday

It's the CLASSIC L8 & LIVE SHOW  Festival Edition (10:30pm /24/25 May)

And that's all folks.

We're back with our regular weekly programme of live comedy -Weds to Sat - from May 29th


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Comedyfest AllStars and Cocktails at The Churchill

The ultimate 'next level' Premium Live Comedy Experience with an all-star line-up of local headline comedians, fabulous Gin and the best view in Auckland at sunset

Te Radar : Retrospectacle

5 different one hour shows over 5 nights. Only Te Radar can do this.

L8 & Live : Special Comedy Fest Edition

We wrap up the weekend each week in the Festival with a frenzy of L8 night live comedy featuring headliners, rising stars and surprise guests from across the Festival.

Classic Comedyfest AllStars

Special Festival Edition of our most popular weekly show packed with headliners & rising stars.

The Dice Show

Late night improvised madness

El Jaguar's Book (Fight) Club

The first rule of book (fight) club is you don’t talk about book (fight) club…unless you use proper punctuation and grammar.

Tony Lyall in 'Lower the Tone'

Rising local star who you have seen all over the TV.

Hannah Campbell (Scotland) in 'Mirrorball'

Edinburgh Fringe Act of the Year 2023, Runner up