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Piotr Szumowski

Piotr Szumowski

Polish stand-up comedy? Have to get a bit of that.

Peter Szumowski is a comedian from Poland that has received over 6mln views on his Youtube Special. He has performed in over 40 countries in 3 different languages and has been doing stand-up since 2012. That means that he has been doing stand-up for exactly 10 years!

And now that also means he has to update this description every year. And yes, he is writing this description himself. So he could erase the previous sentence and not have this problem in the future. But that would mean that he would have to write a description of himself now, which gives him a present problem. And we all know that future problems are far better then present problems. So the sentence remains and with that said, I think this description is over. See You again next year description problem!