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Mark Scott is a multi faceted comedian who combines extensive stand up, improvisation and musical skills to bring a refreshingly unique comedy experience.
A frustrated observer and misguided romantic, he is one of the few comedians who can perform a clean set without losing the funny, but can also dish the dirt with the best of them.
Preferring to charm rather than manhandle his audience, Mark has toured stand up comedy to probably more international festivals than any other NZ comedian - 17 in 2000 alone. He has performed on a Carribean cruiseship, in a Canadian corporate box, an Adelaide garbage alley and oil towns through Alberta to British Columbia.
He is also member of the world-championship-winning Improv Bandits improvisation troupe, which was flown to Belgium in 2008 and roused a standing ovation for their long form improvised Shakespearean style play.
He has appeared both on tvs Pulp Comedy and the NZ International Comedy Festival Gala.
Described by LA band manager Mark Joseph Kraznow - Endearing.. hes very endearing