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Here comes Gary. We warned you. Enjoy

Gary Dooley looks like a mayor who would ban comedy from his town but managed to overcome that to start to build his own tiny, little spot on the comedy scene.

A late bloomer, Gary is a mix of crazy, intelligence, realism and confusion that only a 40-something part-dad, part-former teen nerd, part-divorcee, part-eternal optimist, part-world weary cynic, glass half full AND empty kinda guy can be. You will laugh, maybe with him, maybe at him…he’ll take it.

“Gary has some of my favourite gags on the circuit. One of the most improved comedians in NZ and genuinely funny” Brendhan Lovegrove

“Genius. From bedtime story voices, to mastering the art of pull my finger, to paying me $5 to put my name on this quote. He’s the best.” Bella Dooley, 6.

“Never heard of him?”  Your mum.