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El Jaguar SQ13


Unstoppable laughs from one of the most outrageous comedians hiding out in New Zealand. Was he once a WWF World champion. Rumours abound. Don't miss this totally unique comedian.

Canadian comedy act El Jaguar is coming to The Classic, to wrestle his way into hilarity. From Canada, to New Zealand, and throughout Australia, El Jaguar is making a name for himself on the comedy scene using only his fast wits and tight lycra.

From the dusty streets of Guadalajara, rising triumphant as the Mexican luchador everyone wanted to be in the World Wrestling Federation circa 1990, then into obscurity: El Jaguar is making a comeback… and it’s going to be hilarious.

Join El Jaguar on a roller coaster ride of average-ness, through the sad back alleys of regret, and crashing into the punishing pillows of self doubt.

He is a luchdor who only wrestles with the ghosts of long ago glory.