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Brett BLAKE (Aust)

The Man, the Mullet, the legend! Another quality export from Australia.

The man, the mullet, the legend. A whip-smart, high-spirited stand up who has performed widely across Australia.

His unpretentious look belies a vulnerability and willingness to explore complex issues on stage. His material runs the gamut of living with dyslexia to truck licenses, and he is the only comic who physically built some of venues he has performed in.

Brett’s audiences have been growing as much as his second-hand motorbike collection – exponentially. It is par the course for him to sell out entire seasons at comedy festivals and venues around the country.

Brett has starred on Common Sense for Network 10, is a regular guest on countless Australian radio networks, has a hand in running Melbourne’s Comedy at Coopers Inn, is a regular visitor to The Little Dum Dum Club. He also co-hosts the bonkers double-dare fiesta that is Flat Stick with Nick Capper.

Most recently, you can see him in his undies in new Bonds campaign with Dustin Martin or stealing scenes in the new Jamie Dornan thriller for Stan/Two Brothers, The Tourist.

Brett’s one hour comedy special Bogan Genius was released last year and is available now on Paramount +.

Still, the mullet runs deep.