Tom Deacon - comedian




Monday 27th Feb 2017

8:00 p.m. at The Classic

Heats $5 / (R18)


Thursday Pro Night : Premium

Warm up for the weekend with our Premium Pro comedians every Thursday at the home of live comedy. Plus we sneak a couple of the rising stars on to the bill. A fantastic combination of favourite headliners and the next generation of comedians in NZ.

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Summer Laughing

Kick back in the silly season and join NZ's best pro comedians along with the rising stars and promising new faces for some summer laughing at the home of live comedy.

There's fresh comedy with 10 comedians for $15 on Big Wednesday , our Comedy Allstars at 8pm on Friday and Saturday's and our Late & Live shows including the Summer Raw Open Mic on Saturday nights at 10pm.

Plus look out for HA! - Our mini-summer fest of crafted NZ Live comedy from Jan 27 to Feb 5th

Summer -Laughing -Square

BiG WEDNESDAY ... fresh comedy night

10+ comedians packed into one BiG Wednesday show

Pro Night : Premium Comedy

Premium Stand-up crafted since 1997 featuring our very best Pro comedians.

Classic Comedy Allstars

It's the main event of the week, every Friday and Saturday

Classic Late & Live

The ideal late night alternative on the weekend

Summer RAW - Late & Live

Late & Live on Saturday nights during the season of Summer Laughing we feature our Open Mic for new faces. Up to 12 rookie comedians plus our Pro MC.

Ha! The New New Super Heavy Comedy Show

2016 The Fred Comedy Award Winner, Rhys Mathewson is back at The Classic on the 1st Wednesday every month with a brand new show.

Guy Montgomery's Amazing 2017 W.I.P.

Guy is taking his new show to the world but not before you see it first and give it the big thumbs UP! Kicking off HA! ...a summerfest of handcrafted NZ Live Comedy.

Comedy Special : Anniversary Weekend 'New Pro's' Showcase

It's a showcase of the hot new faces to look out for in 2017, 10 comedians for just $20, kicking off 'Ha!' - The Classic Comedy Summerfest of crafted NZ Live Comedy

Patch Lambert : Character Building...Building

Patch is building his show for the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival. The heat is on because he is a 2017 Billy T Comedy Award Nominee

John Carr : Down With the Young Ones

A sneak preview of the J.Doggs latest solo show, a special treat during the HA! Festival

NZ Comedy All-Stars

A highlight of the Ha! Summerfest as we welcome to town a showcase of Pro comedians from beyond Auckland. Featuring the best of Wellington, Christchurch and beyond

Bracewell and Brine do sort of new jokes

Another Ha! Summerfest Comedy Special in the Studio

The Hangry Americans

Hungry + Angry = Hangry. Two ExPat American New Zealand resident comedians, Neil Thornton and Molly Sokhom, bring you a night of no-fries-left-behind stand-up comedy.

Angella and Ray Figure It Out

Angella Dravid and Ray O'Leary are 2017 Billy T Comedy Award Nominees. By May they each have to have a finished one hour show. They have some things to figure out.

Eli Matthewson : Live & Unfinished

Eli Matthewson tries his newest hour of comedy before taking it to Dunedin, Melbourne and beyond!

HA! Future Quiz

A Comedy Quiz night with a twist - all the answers are buried in the future. And it's FREE

HA! The Comedy Debate - 'You don't know how lucky you are!'

In support of the Key to Life Trust celebrating 20 years at the home of live comedy.