Dan SAGE - comedian




Wednesday 27th Jan 2021

8:00 p.m. at The Classic

Door Sales $15 plus Exclusive Tables for 2, 4 or 6 people (Limited numbers)


Get fresh on Big Wednesday

Every Wednesday we have up to 12 comedians for just $15 including the Pro's busting out their latest fresh ideas plus, for the 1st time, meet the next big things graduating from our Raw Comedy Open Mics.

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Summer Laughing 2021 ...

We're back following the Xmas break with a whole new year of live comedy including our regular 'Week of It' shows including Summer Raw - our L8 night open mic on Saturdays.

Check out the full programme and click on a show to book.

Every Wednesday from Jan 6th is Big Wednesday - fresh comedy night from the Pro's and New Faces - up to 12 comedians for just $15

Thursday is the Original Pro Night... 'next level' stand-up from our headliners, rising stars and best new faces.

Fri & Sat at 7:30pm features our Comedy All Stars followed by the 10pm  L8 & Live show on Fri and Summer Raw - our open mic for new faces every Saturday at 10pm.

Summer Laugh2021 SQ

Big Wednesday ...fresh

Every Wednesday it's fresh comedy night / 12 comedians for just $15

Pro Night : Next Level stand-up

Every Thursday we go next level with a premium blend of headliners and rising stars.

Classic Comedy All-Stars ... A New Year!

The Main Event of the week featuring 4-5 of our top Pro comedians in a 2hr show


Featuring our Late-ful Eight Comedians - it's the Weekend Alternative at 10pm every Fri and Sat. Only $15 - Door Sales available.

Summer RAW - L8 & Live

Kick off 2021 with a late night celebration of Raw Comedy - our weekly open mic - Saturdays at 10pm.

Russell Howard (UK) : Straight Outta Quarantine

Live at The Classic - Extra Show due to public demand - Thu 21 Jan at 9pm