Tony LYALL - comedian




Sunday 19th May 2024

6:00 p.m. at The Churchill

Tickets $100 (Includes Complimentary Cocktail on arrival)


It's a Retrospectacle of Comedy

Celebrating 30 years in NZ comedy, Te Radar brings us his 'best of'. 5 different 1 hour shows over 5 nights at The Classic. From war to cookbooks - it's an adventure in docu-comedy. Every show is a gem.

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Ben Hurley : Houses of the Holy Tour / Previews

Ben H2024

Two Nights Only / Upstairs in The Classic Studio - 1st fl ,321 Queen St

Local headliner, Ben Hurley, is hitting the 'rock'n'roll' road around NZ with a brand new show called 'Houses of the Holy'.

But not before he sorts his act out with a couple of 'Warmup' gigs in The Studio at the home of live comedy 

It has been said that Comedy is the new Rock n roll, but stand up comedy was also born in places like this. A place where Ben can fulfil childhood dreams of being a rockstar using his natural blessed talents of comedy. It is the Houses of the Holy Tour, where Ben Hurley and his opening acts will tour New Zealand’s most iconic music venues to fill them with hilarious jokes and banter.

These holiest of holy venues will succumb to the sharpest wit as they entertain audiences without any danger to their hearing, and less sweat than these walls generally see. More seating than ever, and still a gig you’ll be telling your mates about for years to come. Don’t miss out as Ben and his pals desecrate these venues in the best way possible, with heavy riffs of laughter and wailing solos that will leave you wanting more. Or you can go to another comedy show in a bourgeoisie theatre and celebrate another working class art form being sanitised and commercialised by the middle class! Revolution!

Tickets : $25

Show time: 8.30pm

Run time: Approx. 90min

Extra Info...
May contain adult themes and colourful language.
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Door sales are only available on the night of the show after 6:45pm.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised show start time. Please note that this show may be subject to lockout. If so, you will not be able to enter the venue after the start time.

The Classic Studio is on the 1st Floor up a flight of stairs.
We apologise that access for wheelchairs & disabled customers is limited.

The Law: The Classic is a licensed premise ('Supervised 18+) requiring all minors (under 18) to be accompanied by THEIR parent at all times.
Anyone looking under 25 will be asked for ID in the form of : NZ Driver's License, Passport or HNZ 18+ Card only.
Shows have an age restriction of at least 14 years old accompanied by their parent.
Entry will not be granted to unaccompanied minors, those without ID or intoxicated persons.