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Nominated Best Female Comedian 2006, 2012

"gobsmackingly amazing kiwi comedy thriller" -LateNite Show host, Scott Black

" -generating laughter across the nation and the world in her distinctly down-to-earth Kiwi style" -PJ Taylor

"For laughter to the point of incontinence you must see TM Bishop" -The Comedy Review

With firm comedy bases in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S., TM has performed at some of the top international venues including theSydney Comedy Store, L.A. Comedy Store, Broadway Comedy ClubandLaughing Devil Comedy Clubin New York,The Sit Down Comedy Clubin Brisbane and her home clubThe Classic Comedy and Barin Auckland.  She has performed alongside such comedians as Kyle Kinane and Mike Lawrence.

TM has appeared as a regular featured comedian on the New Zealand TV seriesPulp Comedy, the U.S. TV seriesYukking It UpandBug Offand the Australian late night talk showThe Late Nite Show with Scott Black. She has been broadcast widely on radio stations throughout New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.A.

TM Bishop is a vibrant and dynamic stand up comedian known for her playful cheek and trademark smile. Her mischievous and off-centre comedy combined with her charismatic and approachable nature has gained her a cult following throughout New Zealand and Australia.