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Steve The Comedian

A Christchurch comedy experience!

Steve is just a typical performer, apart from the fact he doesn't speak, uses props and has music playing throughout. So Steve may be not be very normal, but is a master of making the absurd funny. A daring delinquent, wearing an orange beanie and black sweater, Steve will make you bust a gut with laughter. Born in Christchurch, with enthusiasm and confidence, Steve includes the audience in an experience they will never forget. 

Recently performing his critically acclaimed show “This is Steve” at the Dunedin Fringe Festival, Go Media Comedy Carnival and Nelson Fringe Festival, to rave reviews.

“This is Steve hits me in the same way an album by the Ramones does.” -  echosfromthewings

“Ludicrously, Side-splittingly Funny.” - whatsup

"A consistent hour of comedy that I can promise you is unlike anything you have experienced before”

“Pure, unadulterated physical comedy” - Theatreview



  • Best Solo show (2017 Nelson Fringe Show)
  • Best out of town show (2017 Nelson Fringe Show)


- Edgiest show (2017 Nelson Fringe Show)

- Best show (Christchurch Comedy Awards 2018)