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Piotr Szumowski

Piotr Szumowski

Polish stand-up comedy? Have to get a bit of that.

Peter Szumowski is a young and experienced comedian from Poland. He has been doing both English and Polish stand-up for over 5 years and has headlined in over 20 countries.

During his career he has won many prestigious awards on the Polish comedy circuit. He has also appeared on Comedy Central and other European national TV stations and has also helped establish the comedy scene in Poland by organising the first shows in Poland for English speaking comedians. On top of that Peter has also written for and organised other national comedic events (such as roasts of Polish celebreties, gallery oppenings etc.). He has performed in small clubs as well as filled in venues of couple of hundred people.


This year Peter set out to complete his life project aka. an endless trip around the world during which he does stand-up comedy in every place possible. All shows are recorded and in the end a DVD will be released.