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Paul 'The Soviet' ROUKCHAN

Originally from Russia, Paul 'The Soviet' Roukchan is a multiple NZCG Award Nominee with five years of comedy experience under his belt.

Paul 'The Soviet' Roukchan has performed in Australia as well as up and down NZ, and appeared on Eating Media Lunch.

This jumpy Russian may project the insouciant demeanour of a confused child - but that's just camouflage, allowing him to spin some very funny stories without drawing attention to how it's done.

Paul's subjective approach of curiosity is so low-key you might mistake it for genuinely unscripted chit-chat, but from the laughs he generates, it's clear that 'The Soviet' knows exactly what he's doing.

As a foreigner, he also has a hilarious outsiders' take on New Zealand, particularly culture, relationships, per eptions & Bic Runga -which he employs to good effect.

Seemingly modest stories about a run-in with a pregnat woman or discovering religion unfold slightly unpredictably� as real-life tales tend to do�and elicit warm laughs, thanks to the empathy he so subtly engenders.

But his main asset is that he's so easy to listen to. Likeable, modest and unconfrontational at least, unless provoked�Paul 'The Soviet' is an impressive act.