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Ismo LEIKOLA (Finland)

Sold out at the festival in 2016 'the Funniest Person in the World' is back in 2017


ISMO is back in NZ in 2017 due to unFINished.

Sold out in 2016 - back for One Night Only at Q Theatre on Sat 29 April at 7pm. Book here


Review from Stuff.co.nz from the 5 Star Preview on 21 April 2016

"The highlight of the night was definitely Finnish comic Ismo Leikola. Labelled as the "funniest stand-up comedian in the world" his observational comedy with a Finnish accent can be blamed for the teary mascara mishaps.

He brought the rating of the show up from not just five stars, but to five michelin stars - the cream of the crop. 

Playing different gigs throughout the festival, he is definitely a must see for anyone and everyone because eight minutes was seriously just not enough." 


Ismo is officially the Funniest Person in the World, as awarded to him by winning the 2014 Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World competition held in the USA.  

Since winning this prestigious title, Ismo has been welcomed with excellent reviews along with excited audience feedback in the UK and many other countries. He has performed in: UK, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015, Ireland, extensively through Europe, USA, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Ismo is hugely successful in his home country, Finland, where he started his comedy career back in 2002 and went on to win Best Newcomer in Finland 2003. He has also won the Finnish Audience Favourite Award six years in a row from 2005-2014 at Finland's main comedy festival.

Ismo boasts a successful career of sold-out concert hall tours, published DVDs, released several singles (CD), numerous TV appearances and even his own comedy series called ”Ismo”.  Also he has written and co-written comedy series, sketches and jokes for TV, plus a theatre play. In addition to these he has occasionally written columns for newspapers, and publishing negotiations for his first book are currently in process.

A highlight of his success includes having been honoured by the President of Finland with an invitation to the official Independence Day Ball.


★★★★- The List. ★★★★- Three Weeks. ★★★★- The Dubliner. ★★★★- The Mirror.

Leikola is the Scandinavian Mitch Hedberg; an oddball with a few extra twists.” - The List

An excellent ambassador for stand-up.” - Three Weeks

For a man speaking his second language, Ismo Leikola is uncannily incisive, charismatic and entertaining.” - The Dubliner

Softly-spoken and mischievous Ismo Leikola has a persuasive comic logic which takes you to his alternative world of the obvious” - Mirror

The wonderful Finn Ismo Leikola bringing the house down with his daft ”foreigner abroad” shtick. He´s got an entertaining off-kilter mind and a gift for comic misunderstanding which probably made him the hit of the night.” - Chortle

Watch Ismo Leikola at the Laugh Factory 


Follow Ismo on Twitter: @ismoleikola
Like Ismo on Facebook: Ismo Leikola Comedian
For more information on Ismo visit his website: www.ismoleikola.com


Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World - Winner 2014
Audience favourite award at Finland's main comedy festival - Six-time-winner 2005-2014
Best newcomer in Finland - Winner 2003