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A new face on the Auckland comedy scene

Freya Desmarais is probably the best non-South African lesbian comedian in New Zealand. 
Well, in Auckland. Okay probably just in Ponsonby.

Desmarais has been in theatre for about eight years, but came to her senses and became a comedian a little while ago now. It's going pretty good actually, thanks for asking.

Freya Desmarais is an esteemed comedy award winner, having won the Social Impact Special Award for her 2015 Auckland Fringe show, Live Orgy, which was directed by Brendon Green. She also won 'Funniest Teddy Bear' in Mrs. Ward's class in 1994. So there.


"Wondrous... hilarious" - James Wenley, Theatrescenes

"Awkwardly brilliant... genius" - Kathryn Van Beek, Theatreview

"Mind-blowingly good" - Laura McQuillan,


Social Impact Special Award - 2015 Auckland Fringe