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A fresh face to NZ, this rising Irish comedy star is definitely one to watch at the 2019 Comedy Fest

Picked by Britain’s leading comedy promoters as ‘one to watch’ in 2019, this much anticipated NZ debut in by this fresh Irish star is definitely …one to watch.

Is Eleanor Tiernan a foolish woman to believe she can succeed without a sex tape? There are so many excellent reasons to give in. Seeing the way others are rewarded for releasing footage of their sex lives makes it more difficult. Personal dignity maybe turning out to be the most expensive accessory of them all. All will be revealed, or will it be?

This is a show about what happens when someone isn’t willing to give everything in the name of success. Can one still get ahead without giving it*? Success without a Sextape is the new lifestyle for people who can’t be bothered giving 110%.
* You can totally still give head, you just don’t have to make footage of it available on line.

One of the new breed of young Irish comedians, Eleanor may prove to be a breath of fresh Irish air at this year’s NZ Comedy Fest.


Cliché free and completely unconventional.” - Herald on Scotland

10 best new female comics.” - Sunday Times UK

Watch Eleanor at Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Upfront 2018 
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