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Fresh Aussie Headliner on the rise across the ditch and dropping by NZ for a gig or two.

Winner: Golden Gibbo (with Sam Simmons), Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010

Award winning Melbourne-based stand-up comedian and performer, David Quirk does a kind of comedy that been described by the The Age as "blunt", "brazen" and "brilliant".

For those who like their comedy so dark it's burnt, Quirk's material travels between the profane and profound. The Melbourne Age said it best: "Bleeding edge comedy that questions the whole point of comedy itself".

In 2008 Quirk was nominated for the Melbourne Comedy Festival Golden Gibbo Award for his show 'Kathleen Grace'". In 2010 he, together with Sam Simmons won the award for their two-hander, "The Incident"., which also toured to Edinburgh

In 2011, he performed his most accomplished stand up show, The Day I Ate Wombat', which toured to Adelaide, Melbourne and the Edinburgh Fringe.

In 2012, he wrote and performed in the two hander play, Man-Date. He is currently touring his new show Shaking Hands with Danger'.

Charm, good looks and a neverending questioning wit that makes you think while you laugh, David Quirk is one of the favourite comics on the scene today, who continues to perform some of the most poignant and hilarious comedy.

If you want to cheap jokes and slapstick, watch Two and A Half Men, but if you want to get close to the meaning of life and laughs, go see David Quirk.

The Scotsman, August 2010

Move over, sunshine comedians, Quirk is the winter solstice of whimsy.

The Age, March 2008

This show takes risks on the sharpened knife-edge of good deathbed humour, delivered with a likeable intensity.

The Age, April 2008