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Comedy Fest 2018

Who is playing at The Classic this Comedy Fest?

2018 New Zealand International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo
Thursday 26 April - Sunday 20 May 

Newcomers, rising stars, local legends and international guests, The Classic hosts a specially curated programme during the Comedy Fest. 
Tickets are on sale! 

So who is on?
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Jimmy McGhie (UK) and Lloyd Langford (Wales) - The Classic favourites and Comedy Fest veterans 
Fin Taylor (UK), Ian Smith (UK), Lauren Pattison (UK) and Phil Wang (UK) - the new kids on the block in their NZ debut. 
Andrew Maxwell (Ireland) - A king of Irish Comedy 
Ruby Esther & Maia Smith (NZ) - 2 fresh faces to watch
Te Radar (NZ) - Kiwi comedian and TV presenter performs his show on all things Antarticana
Tarun Mohanbhai (NZ) - that Indian guy comedian who is a bit of an Uber driver

You obviously have good taste, so you should definitely check out some more live comedy in the 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo from 26 April – 20 May. 
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