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Finally Chris Brain is in "A Better Place"

Chris Brain, professional comedian, talented self medicator and occasional depressive is a comedian's comedian. For 8 years Chris has been casting his sharp eye over everything from religion to the political left wing and taking no hostages.

A regular in London for 5 years, Chris learnt that the UK was not only his comedic ground zero but more importantly it was his spritiual home:

"As an atheist believng in anything is tough, but London was home to my holy trinity: Bosnian Dealers, all night pubs and Tottenham"

Returning to New Zealand in 2005 Chris saw his belief system slide and now audiances here get to travel Chris's darkly comic highway.

A Billy T Nominee in 2009, Chris is a favorite of both comedians and young angry men everywhere.


2009 Billy T Nominee - NZ International Comedy Festival